Okay tibe2 rase macam nak update blog.. ermm firstly aku nak cakap skang yang aku rasa tersangat la sakit hati.. today i'm waiting for him dari pagi sampai petang sampai aku tertido depan laptop.. i dun have enough credit to call him. I'm just waiting for him to call me or text me.. I'm bored than i think i wanna go chillax with my friends so i hang out with them at Geo'd Hartamas.. I'm feel cool :') when i going back, i forgot to buy topup... and ask my friend to buy for me coz i want call my KA, but my friend take time so long.. and i'm waiting -.-

Okay, i have credit now.. i do the super saver and call him.. coz i very miss his voice..but unfortunately, he was playing DOTA, and ask me to waiting his message until he finish playing -.- he spoil my mood and i think IM NOTHING FOR HIM.. suddenly my tears drop on my phone.. hmm and my super saver membazir mcm tuh je.. errr, he said "you're my everything" but i think NOT, bcoz dota is your i right?? yeah i think so..

Dulu i ingat u betul2 berubah, so i decide to see u.. but now.. hmm.. okay fine, go dota.. dont find me, coz i'm useless, i'm rude, i'm stupido and I'M NOTHING. okay sampai sini je aku nak cakap, coz aku rasa ak nak tidur.. and my eyes full with tears.. GoodNight and GoodBye..

p/s: thank you so much KA :'(

lots of

Thanks for reading darling! ❤